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Welcome to Fullerton Health's
Workplace Safety and Health Programme!

Fullerton Health is proud to partner WSH Council as a Total WSH services provider, offering a comprehensive suite of safety and health services tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our programme is designed to help you identify, address, and mitigate health and safety risks in the workplace. Here’s what our programme includes:

Risk Identification and Intervention

Risk Identification and Intervention​

We work with you to identify potential health and safety risks in your workplace and design intervention programmes to address them effectively.​

Health Screening and Coaching

Health Screening and Coaching​

Participants undergo health screening and are then provided with tailored health coaching sessions, ensuring their well-being and eligibility for funding opportunities.

Physical Activity & Nutrition​

Encourage a healthy lifestyle with on-site physical activity sessions, conducted at least twice to promote employee fitness and well-being.​

Mental Well-Being

Mental Well-Being​

We prioritise mental health by offering sessions for completing iWorkHealth assessments and providing support through mental well-being programmes


Ensure employee comfort and prevent workplace injuries with ergonomic sessions aimed at optimising workspaces and practices.

Safety Training

Safety Training​

Empower your team with safety training sessions conducted at least twice, covering essential safety practices and protocols.

For companies new to Total WSH, we offer a comprehensive 1-hour training session on the WSH Framework. 

Workplace Safety and Health Programme

For companies new to Total WSH, we offer a comprehensive 1-hour training session on the WSH Framework. 

No, TWSH’s sessions from the 6 core packages are at no cost to you. However, the company must commit to and fulfil the criteria of having arranged and completed at least 2 sessions of different topics of at least an hour each, for each core package selected, within the 12 months period from coming aboard.

No, there is no specific limit set to this. However, do take note of TAL’s criteria as mentioned in the point above.

The modes are in-person, hybrid or through an online webinar for all core packages, except physical activities that are strictly to be done in-person, within your office premise or at an agreed and approved external venue (rental cost, where applicable, to be borne by your company).

Both are strictly done via the H365 application that can be downloaded here for Android phone users here and for iPhone users here.

For registration, a unique code will be shared to you by your HR or relevant personnel prior to the day of the session. You simply need to launch the H365 application and follow these steps to register for the session – H365 app -> Explore -> Events -> Enter Partner Code -> follow the instructions.

For attendance-taking, a dynamic QR code will be generated and shared, 30 mins prior to start of session by the trainer and is available until 30 mins past session end time. Launch the H365 app to scan the QR code to register your attendance for the session.

The TWSH programme is for a period of 12 months, and it commences from the date of official onboarding, after clearance and approval are given by Tripartite Alliance Limited (TAL).

At Fullerton Health, we are committed to creating safer and healthier workplaces for you and your employees. Partner with us today to take proactive steps towards a safer tomorrow.

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