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Covid-19 Safety Measures

How we keep you safe from COVID-19

The health and well being of our patients and staff are of utmost importance to us and these are the precautionary measures in place at Fullerton Health Clinics:

  • Check patients’ temperature, symptoms and travel history before or at the point of registration
  • Clinics are meticulously disinfected and sanitised frequently
  • Restrict the number of patients in the clinic
  • Seating arrangements that support safe-distancing are implemented

Designated “isolation” areas within our clinics for patients who:

  • Have u symptoms, and if in the two weeks,
  • Have travelled abroad OR been to hospital in Singapore/abroad OR in close contact with a COVID-19 patient
  • Other patients with u symptoms and fever will be issued surgical masks to don
  • All isolated patients will be seen as first priority and will be attended by our staff in full personal protective equipment (PPE), to ensure speedy review

Patients required to be sent to relevant institutions such as NCID for swab testing will be:

  • Conveyed by ambulances, or
  • Asked to make their own way to the hospital in accordance to MOH instructions
  • Wipe down of high touch areas in the clinic with clinical grade disinfectant after the patient leaves the clinic for the follow up swab
  • Clinic will be updated of any positive cases and a full clinic disinfection will take place
  • Clinic will then work closely with MOH for list of at-risk patients for contact tracing list