Ensuring smooth inflow of Migrant Workers from Bangladesh and India

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the Construction, Maritime & Processing (CMP) sectors have been severely impacted by restrictions on the inflow of migrant workers (MWs). To ensure a smooth MW inflow and safety from Bangladesh to Singapore, Fullerton Health partnered Bangladesh’s Beximco Group and Novus Clinical Research Services Ltd to

The Challenges In Delivering A Successful Telemedicine Service

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives. The healthcare sector increasingly uses telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver services beyond traditional healthcare facilities. Examples include video conferencing between doctors and patients, electronic transmission of medical records, remote monitoring of vital signs and nursing call centers. One of the key factors

Public-private partnerships and the fight against Covid-19

David Sin, co-founder, deputy chairman and group president of Fullerton Health, calls for solidarity to ensure that our healthcare systems emerge from this pandemic stronger and more resilient. The Covid-19 situation continues to raise new challenges worldwide, including that of unequal or lack of access to updated and accurate information and