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Your personal health concierge is out now on Apple and Playstore!

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Fullerton Health Concierge Mobile App

Fullerton Health Concierge App is a mobile app for corporate clients and employees, offering convenient access to healthcare services. It provides virtual consultations, appointment scheduling, prescription refills, lab results, and medical records. The app integrates corporate healthcare benefits, ensures security and privacy, and offers personalised user support.

Services include:

  • Cashless medical visits via e-Healthcard
  • Clinic Locator
  • Easy-to-use e-Claim Submissions
  • Access to Quality Healthcare through Telemedicine
  • 24/7 medical concierge
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Revolutionising Healthcare Access

The comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates a wide range of healthcare services to provide a new frontier of convenience, accessibility, and improved patient pathways and experiences.

Enhanced UI/UX for Effortless Navigation​

Redesigned for a smooth and effortless navigation experience, the streamlined UI/UX ensures effortless management of your healthcare requirements with just a few taps.

Fast Performance for Instant Access

Experience the lightning-fast performance of the Fullerton Health Concierge Mobile App, designed with a focus on app performance for split-second loading times.

Modular Design for Future Innovation

Built with the future in mind, the modular design allows for seamless integration of new features and functionalities to meet your changing needs so as to empower with the latest advancements.

Regional Health & Wellness Panel

Take charge of your well-being with Fullerton Health’s bespoke regional providers attending to your needs on a cashless basis across different geographies

Lifestyle Benefits

The Fullerton Health Lifestyle Benefits Programme allows members to enjoy a variety of benefits at some of Singapore’s retail & medical outlets. The Fullerton Health card not only allows you the cashless convenience of healthcare visits, but also doubles up as a discount card to enjoy these privileges. Some of the partners include Watsons, Eu Yang Sang, GNC and many more.