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Network Management Solution

We provide cost-effective administration and management solutions for clinics and facilities within our network of healthcare providers. Our services include, claims processing and emergency medical assistance.

Our technology platforms allows us to go beyond management and administration of key operations for healthcare providers. Through data mining and analysis, we identify and measure the market to provide information that may help healthcare providers save cost and be more prepared.

Services We Offer

  • Claims processing for general practitioners, specialist practitioners and in-patient claims
  • Claims appeals
  • Liaising with clinics and network healthcare providers for supporting documents
  • Issuing letters of guarantee to healthcare service providers to assure payment for their patients covered under our healthcare solutions, so they don’t have to make large upfront payments
  • Analysing utilization of medical benefits and health trends
  • Compiling utilization reports
  • 24/7 all year-round support for our clients’ healthcare services. This includes:
    • Making appointments with healthcare service providers
    • Coordinating medical and emergency assistance
    • Supporting processing of claims
    • Assisting with all other medical enquiries