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RadLink Asia’s Singapore RadioPhamaceuticals Becomes the Exclusive Manufacturer and Supplier of Vizamyl Molecular Imaging on Behalf of GE Healthcare in Singapore

The agreement demonstrates RadLink Asia and Fullerton Health’s commitment to improving the quality of care delivered while increasing accessibility and affordability for its patients

This transfer of technology from GE Healthcare is also a testament of RadLink’s leadership in Singapore’s radiopharmaceutical and molecular imaging sector

Singapore, 07 September 2018 — Following General Electric (“GE”) Healthcare’s attainment of the license and regulatory approval of VIZAMYL in Singapore, RadLink Asia (“Radlink”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fullerton Health, announces today that its radiopharmaceutical unit, Singapore Radiopharmaceuticals Pte Ltd (“SRP”), is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of VIZAMYL in Singapore on behalf of GE Healthcare.

VIZAMYL is the first-and-only beta-amyloid imaging agent for colour image interpretation approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”). It can effectively detect beta-amyloid plaques in patients being evaluated for cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (“AD”), offering the prospect of earlier diagnosis for such patients.

Following a successful technology transfer of VIZAMYL from GE Healthcare to SRP and a thorough audit of the latter’s facilities and manufacturing standards, the parties signed an agreement that will enable SRP to manufacture and supply VIZAMYL for the Singapore market. This is a significant milestone which firmly demonstrates RadLink’s commitment to invest in innovative healthcare technologies and further cements the company’s leadership position in Singapore’s molecular imaging sector.

“The availability of VIZAMYL in Singapore is a step ahead for the local medical community as it allows physicians to provide better care to their patients. This is a vision that we are proud to share with RadLink and other Singapore radiopharmaceutical companies,” said Ms. Myra Eskes, President & CEO, GE Healthcare ASEAN, Korea and ANZ. “Advancements to medical imaging through agents such as VIZAMYL can help open up treatment options by helping physicians identify the most suitable people for the right clinical trials, potentially leading to medications to deal with Alzheimer’s.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Royston Lek, Regional Managing Director of RadLink, said, “Across Asia, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for better imaging and diagnostics, fuelled by an aging population and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. Against this backdrop, we have been constantly introducing new technologies and enhancing our expertise to deliver the best quality of care to our patients. We are proud to partner with GE Healthcare, working together to raise standards in molecular imaging and better assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s.”

VIZAMYL will be manufactured by SRP at its facility located at Science Park II in Singapore.