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Annual Client Event

Annual Client Event

More than 70% of Singapore’s resident population are in the labour force and our workforce is ageing – which means the onset of illnesses increases as well.

Today, many workplaces provide health benefits which include outpatient clinical and wellness benefits. These give employees access to medical care not only for acute illnesses but also chronic diseases and preventive services such as health screening and vaccinations.

Through the ‘Building a Healthier Workforce in SG’ seminar which was held at Fairmont, we spread the message that workplaces can play a bigger part by structuring such benefits to align with the Healthier SG vision, so that we can better meet employees’ care needs and curate more targeted workplace policies and health programmes.

Doing so can guide healthy behaviours and improve disease prevention, thus nudging employees towards positive lifestyle changes. This can then potentially complement and support the preventive intent of Healthier SG.