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One of our goals at the Building a Healthier SG

Building a Healthier Singapore @ Work 2023

One of our goals at the Building a Healthier SG @ Work conference which took place on 20 October was to create ongoing conversations around the importance of shared understanding and collaboration in addressing our population’s health and mental health needs. We also aim to foster partnerships and networks among various sectors to promote overall well-being and resilience, as well as to create an ecosystem that supports and encourages prevention and recovery.

Notable professionals and experts shared their expertise on a wide range of topics such as preventive health, enhancing employee benefits through Healthier SG, prevention of mental illness and more. We are heartened to see various partners collaborating with us to develop and share diverse perspectives that make up our health ecosystem.

This reflects our belief that healthcare requires a holistic approach in prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation, so as to enable persons with health challenges to receive care and support in the community and live purposeful lives.