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Fullerton Health and Connections MindHealth Recommend a Framework for Action to Enhance Mental Health at the Workplace

Fullerton Health & Connections MindHealth are pleased to announce the release of a Healthcare Brief that addresses critical challenges surrounding mental health in the workplace. Titled “A Framework for Action: Enhancing Mental Health in the Workplace”, this comprehensive document delves into key challenges such as workplace awareness and acceptance, access to mental health professionals, and adequate financing for working adults.

The paper underscores the pressing need for a paradigm shift in workplace mental health. Acknowledging current limitations in access to mental health professionals, Fullerton Health proposes a tiered care model for mental health at work, with a focus on primary care and workplace enablement.

We advocate for sustainable financing for mental health in the workplace leveraging a combination of employer-funded healthcare schemes and insurance, existing government schemes to alleviate out-of-pocket costs incurred by employees.

One of the key takeaways from the paper centers on helping employers assess their current level of workplace mental health maturity. By providing an objective gauge of their starting point, this empowers organizational leaders and HR professionals to make informed decisions about next steps in implementing workplace mental health initiatives.

Download the Healthcare Brief ‘A Framework for Action: Enhancing Mental Health in the Workplace’.

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