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RadLink Diagnostic Imaging Raises the Bar of Diagnostic Imaging Technology in Singapore and SouthEast Asia

RadLink invests in GE’s latest CT and MRI machines and healthcare IT technology to enable radiologists and healthcare specialists to deliver world class diagnostic services to patients and physicians in Singapore and Southeast Asia

 SINGAPORE – 23 October 2015 – On the occasion of its 15th Anniversary, RadLink Diagnostic Imaging (RadLink) today announces a significant investment in world-leading diagnostics imaging and healthcare IT technology from General Electric (GE), bringing ground-breaking CT and MRI scanning machines – the GE Revolution CT and GE Signa Explorer MRI – to Singapore and Southeast Asia for the first time.

The high performance GE Revolution CT scanner speed reduces scanning time, while decreasing radiation levels, providing patients quick, high quality results in a low-stress environment. Through its SilentScan technology, the GE Signa Explorer delivers exceptional image quality, while reducing noise levels to less than three decibels above ambient – 80 percent less than conventional MRI technology – resulting in a more comfortable experience for RadLink patients.

The machines will be available for use for patients at RadLink’s flagship clinic at Paragon on 2 December 2015 and 16 December 2015, respectively.

To further improve Singapore-based radiologist’s quality of diagnosis, RadLink has updated its internal healthcare IT systems to the GE Centricity PACS (picture archiving and communications system). The GE Centricity PACS will increase efficiency in workflows with web-based universal reporting and viewing, as well as enhanced visualization of scans to increase diagnostic confidence.

“In the era of medical cost containment, RadLink aims to continually improve our value to patients by investing in and leveraging new technologies,” said Royston Lek, Managing Director of RadLink Asia. “The implementation of such technologies is essential to promoting assurance and providing predictive, preventive and personalised medicine and imaging informatics to doctors and patients in Singapore.”

“We are proud to have RadLink as our partner in bringing high quality healthcare to Singapore and beyond,” said Winston Poh, Country Manager for GE Healthcare Singapore. “We believe together with RadLink, we can help achieve positive health outcomes for doctors and patients in Asia.”

RadLink was recently acquired by Fullerton Healthcare Group in May 2015 as part of the company’s expansion of its service offerings in Singapore. The new ownership has provided RadLink access to Fullerton Healthcare’s extensive reach in the region, including its clinics and doctors.

“Six months ago, Fullerton Healthcare acquired RadLink so we could expand our suite of healthcare solutions and provide a more comprehensive end-to-end Fullerton Experience for our patients and clients,” said Dr. Daniel Chan, Co-Founder and Deputy Group CEO of Fullerton Healthcare. “The investment made in diagnostic technologies supports Fullerton Healthcare’s mission to raise healthcare standards across Asia and make it more affordable and accessible through technology.”

“The investments allow RadLink to enhance patient comfort and experience whilst providing digital images and informatics to our physicians who rely on us to diagnose critical medical conditions and diseases,” continued Royston. “As healthcare continues to evolve in Singapore and the region, there are unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In this regard, RadLink is well equipped to embrace future trends and innovation to stay ahead.”

About the Revolution CT

The Revolution CT provides uncompromised image quality and enhanced clinical capabilities through convergence of increased coverage (160mm), spatial resolution and temporal resolution. Featuring the latest low dose technologies, the Revolution CT is able to capture the whole heart in a single beat, in high definition, with motion-free coronary images enabling 4D imaging at 512 slices.

About the Signa Explorer MRI

The Signa Explorer 3T has the latest applications and technology for optimised workflow and simplified operations. The 3D merge function helps to generate high resolution images and deliver enhanced spine images, motion correction techniques help minimise effects of motion artifacts and eliminate repeated scans and automated brain exam helps to simplify and improve throughput in neuro exams. In addition, SilentScan reduces noise to less than three decibels above ambient, which is 80% below conventional MRI machines, resulting in a more comfortable experience for our patients.

About the Centricity PACS 

The GE Centricity PACS healthcare IT system allows healthcare teams and healthcare systems deliver patient results efficiently. Key capabilities include a unified web-based PACS with advanced visualisation applications, better breast imaging workflow which includes mammo and tomo reading tools and multi-modality reading, intelligent productivity tools that evaluate data and suggest the most appropriate method for study with enhanced usability and access.

About RadLink 

RadLink Diagnostic Imaging is Singapore’s leading private diagnostic and molecular imaging service provider. With over 15 years of experience treating patients in Singapore, its team of experienced radiologists provides clients and patients with high quality diagnostics and imaging services at affordable prices. Its diagnostic services include: diagnosis, treatment planning, response monitoring, therapy and prognosis services that facilitate cancer staging, nervous system, bone and joint analysis, as well as the detection and diagnosis of conditions such as cardiovascular, breast and renal diseases, amongst others.