Fullerton Health Rolls Out Free COVID-19 Symptom Checker App for Use in the Philippines

June 4, 2020

Manila, Philippines, 04 June 2020 – In its efforts to combat COVID-19 across Asia Pacific, Fullerton Health announced today that it has launched its COVID-19 symptom checker on its LiveFuller mobile application platform (“LiveFuller”) in the Philippines. Developed using proprietary commercial technology, the symptom checker will be made available free-for-use for the general public and is intended for general well-being and information purposes in the current environment. During these challenging times, Fullerton Health is fully committed to working in close partnership with governments and civic organisations by making available the company’s resources to assist with alleviating the burden on the public health sector.

In the Philippines, a key challenge during this pandemic is the limited capacity and resources for hospital care, contact tracing, and testing of COVID-19 cases. A digital solution that can streamline patient traffic in hospitals may help augment the surge capacity to treat and test COVID-19 and related cases.

Fullerton Health’s LiveFuller features an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled COVID-19 symptom checker that provides recommendations on next steps to users and directs them to where they can seek care or additional information, such as the Department of Health COVID-19 helplines.

The LiveFuller COVID-19 symptom checker has been designed to provide increased access to all demographic groups during these challenging times with customised and relevant recommendations for each country. The Philippine version includes Filipino as one of the language options.

The LiveFuller COVID-19 symptom checker is available for direct download online (https://www.fullertonhealthtech.com/download-app), as well as via the App Store for iOS users.

David Sin, Co-Founder and Group President of Fullerton Health, said, “Through providing our symptom checker and chat function free for use to the public, we seek to close the gap on the lack of access to accurate and updated information about COVID-19 in the region. Obstacles to access create exceedingly more problems for our communities, as COVID-19 will continue to spread unless all stakeholders join in the concerted effort to combat it.”

He added, “We firmly believe that to those whom much is given, much will be required. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 across Asia and subsequently the world, Fullerton Health has been mobilizing our regional capabilities in support of the COVID-19 response efforts in the various markets that we operate. While we are cognizant that our efforts alone are never sufficient to overcome the challenges, we are confident that together with like-minded organisations and individuals, our communities and countries can collectively recover and emerge from this global crisis.”

Jeff Chen, Group Chief Innovation Officer of Fullerton Health, said, “Leveraging technology and digitalizing services are key to efficiently and effectively improve access to quality care and reliable information. While our recently-launched features provide ease of access to COVID-19 information for the general public, we will continue to add and enhance our digital health capabilities to enable the provision of reliable and convenient access to care for all.”

Dr. Gerardo Jiao, Chief Medical Director of Intellicare Group, a member of Fullerton Health, said, “Intellicare welcomes the launch of the COVID-19 Symptom Checker app in the Philippines. This is a practical and helpful solution and works as a virtual triage tool to assist our patients in monitoring their symptoms and route them to reputable medical facilities such as our Aventus Medical Clinics or Panel Providers if the need arises.”