Fullerton Healthcare Redeems US$175 Million 7.0% Senior Perpetual Capital Securities, Underscoring Resilience Amidst COVID-19 Uncertainty

Singapore, 6 April 2020 – Fullerton Healthcare Corporation Limited (“Fullerton Health”), the leading integrated healthcare platform in Asia Pacific, announces that it has fully redeemed its US$175 million senior perpetual capital securities today, underscoring its financial resilience and commitment to stakeholders amidst economic uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The redemption of the 7.0% senior perpetual capital securities (ISIN Code: XS1589875548) was made on the first call date (6 April 2020), funded by a combination of internal and external resources.

The proceeds from the perpetual securities had helped Fullerton Health expand geographically, add new capabilities and service offerings, and deepen core markets presence. With operations in nine markets, more than 6,500 staff, over 500 owned facilities and a network of over 12,000 third party providers, Fullerton Health is vertically integrated across a range of services, including managed care and network management, primary care, diagnostics, ancillary and specialty care.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the investors of the perpetual securities for their confidence, trust and strategic input over the last three years. Our ability to combine internal and external resources to redeem the perpetual securities underlines the trust placed in the operational and financial strength of Fullerton Health. We will continue to execute our mission to provide affordable and accessible care for all in Asia Pacific,” said David Sin, Group President of Fullerton Health.

While the pandemic has affected all healthcare operators, Fullerton Health has been well prepared with its diversification strategy across markets and its service lines, built and well-executed over the years. It serves to buffer the impact from the COVID-19 situation.

“Our robust and quick infection control response ensures safety of our staff and viability for patients to access quality care. Our close operational relations with key clients allow us to customise support efforts to help them care for their employees’ health and well-being during this difficult time,” said Ho Kuen Loon, Group Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton Health.