What We Do


Fullerton Health covers the whole journey of care – managed care and network management services, primary care, and, diagnostics, specialty and ancillary care. Vertically integrated healthcare services model and scale of operations across existing markets mean we offer cost-effective solutions to you.


HealthCare Delivery

Services Network Management

Primary Care

  • General practitioner, occupational health, and executive health screening and medical examination services
  • Provided through owned facilities
  • Fee for service

Specialty Care

  • Broad range of diagnostics, specialty, and ancillary care, such as physiotherapy, complementing primary care
  • Provided through owned facilities
  • Fee for service

HealthCare Management​

Managed Care

  • Offer managed care plans in exchange for a fixed prepaid fee or premium per life
  • Delivery of managed healthcare services via prevention-oriented health maintenance programs

Network Management

  • Administers healthcare and employee benefit plans on behalf of insurers, corporates and government entities
  • Provides access to a network of healthcare providers and related claims processing and management
  • Fee for service

Value to Corporate and Insurer Clients

Value to Our Patients