Fullerton Health is committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in the power of partnership between business, government and community to create a more sustainable world. Through our sustainability commitments and targets we are playing our part in helping to support the Global Goals 

We are driven by our purpose to provide Accessible and Affordable Care for All in Asia Pacific

We want to help children and youths in their pursuit of education. Through Fullerton Health Foundation Bursary Study Awards, we offer cash awards for education-related expenses. 

Our digital platform facilitates paperless transactions between provider, network and payor, reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint. 

We aim to provide a decent work environment for all in places where we operate. We have policies in place – anti-bribery and fraud; code of conduct; in compliance with labour laws.    

We operate across developing and developed countries across APAC, where we strategically streamline SOPs, clinical guidelines and practices to raise the level of competence in developing countries, contributing towards the local economic growth. 

We advocate for more private companies to participate and collaborate towards Accessible and Affordable Care. With more than half the world’s population in Asia, more Asian participation and perspective is needed. We have been at the World Economic Forum pushing this agenda for the last 3 years.

We are committed to supporting the communities where we operate. Our Foundation looks at access to care for disadvantaged communities. Partnering the Global Fund, Fullerton has an outreach in Indonesia, using our remote clinics to screen for TB. 

We support the circular economy and aim to be inclusive through the procurement of services. We collaborate with social enterprise, Agape, to provide employment to the disadvantaged, empowering them with an opportunity to reintegrate back into society and improve lives.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. Our purpose is deeply rooted in our employees to enable access of care for all.  

By galvanising partners, communities and leveraging our local presence in the markets we operate in, we help to create a more sustainable future.