Intellicare Teams Up with Mayo Clinic to Provide Filipinos Access to Highly-specialized Healthcare

Manila, Philippines, July 31, 2019 – Asalus Corporation (operating under the trade name “Intellicare”), part of Fullerton Healthcare Group (“Fullerton Health”), announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic. A signing ceremony was held at the premises of Fullerton Health’s headquarters in Singapore to formalize the agreement.

With this collaboration, Mayo Clinic joins Intellicare’s accredited medical network, offering highly-specialized healthcare to Intellicare patients with serious or complex conditions. Patients with these conditions may be assessed by a Mayo Clinic provider through an electronic review or referred to a Mayo Clinic destination in the United States for a second medical opinion, which could include a refined diagnosis or further treatment recommendations.

Dr. Gerardo Jiao, Medical Director of Intellicare, stated: “We are extremely excited about this collaboration with Mayo Clinic. At Intellicare, we constantly seek new ways to provide our patients with quality care. Through this agreement, our patients can now access Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise for serious and complicated cases.”

David Sin, Co-Founder, Group President and Executive Deputy Chairman of Fullerton Health, commented: “This collaboration is a vital milestone in our relationship with Mayo Clinic. Leveraging Mayo Clinic’s experience in providing high quality, patient-centered care will help us bring forward our vision to deliver affordable and accessible care to all in Asia Pacific.”

Dr. Charles Rosen, M.D., Medical Director of Mayo Clinic Contracting and Payer Relations, remarked:  “Our agreement with Intellicare bridges continents to help patients with complex care and serious illness needs. This collaboration and Mayo Clinic’s model of care supports our mission to inspire hope and healing to people around the world.”


About Intellicare Group

The Intellicare Group is one of the leading managed care providers in Philippines, comprising three companies: Asalus, Avega and Aventus.

Asalus Corporation is engaged in the business of developing, maintaining and promoting integrated medical and health maintenance services, with the aim of providing a comprehensive, systematic and prevention-oriented concept of medical and health maintenance program, through the accreditation, integration and professional maintenance of the services of healthcare facilities and providers.

Avega Managed Care Inc. is engaged in the business of developing, maintaining and promoting integrated medical and health maintenance services with focus on formulating, establishing and administering customized cost management solutions to self-funded health care plans.

Aventus Medical Care, Inc. is engaged in the business of establishing, owning and managing medical clinics and medical or clinical laboratories, and providing medical and healthcare services and products.

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About Fullerton Health

Fullerton Health is a leading vertically integrated healthcare platform in the Asia Pacific region. Founded in Singapore in 2011, today the Company serves clients through over 500 healthcare facilities and a large global network of healthcare providers across eight markets in Asia Pacific. Fullerton Health’s value proposition is the integration of healthcare service offerings with customized management and advisory capabilities, in line with its purpose to deliver affordable and accessible care for all in Asia Pacific. For more information on Fullerton Health, please visit

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing. Learn more about Mayo Clinic. Visit the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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