How Fullerton Health is Responding to COVID-19 Situation

As COVID-19 has adversely affected many of us, Fullerton Health remains committed to supporting the communities where we operate in, ensuring our services remain accessible and keeping our employees safe

What We are Doing

What we are doing for communities where we operate

  • In Singapore, we are actively involved in 8 COVID-19 projects nation-wide, including managing 20 dormitory medical posts caring for close to 100,000 migrant workers at its peak, running the 24/7 extended A&E holding facility for a local hospital, and have made over 8,000 ambulance trips.
  • In Australia, we have mobilised 300 nurses to support the national hotline for COVID-19, delivering more than 10,000 calls weekly and have also mobilised 100 staff to provide COVID-19 contact tracing services to the government.
  • In the Philippines, we conducted rapid screening tests and vaccination from clinics, at homes, and onsite at clients’ company premises.
  • In Indonesia, we have built laboratories to perform tens of thousands of PCR tests in Jakarta and Kalimantan, as well as deploying onsite teams to support clients with COVID-19 related measures, isolation centers, and conducting rapid screening and serology tests.
  • Fullerton Health is part of the COVID-19 Action Platform (CAP) under World Economic Forum

*Key statistics as at August 2020

What we are doing to keep our services available to patients and clients

  • Telemedicine was launched regionally in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, to provide accessible healthcare for patients in times of pandemic.
  • Our proprietary AI-driven COVID-19 symptom checker was launched for community use in June 2020 across Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. This App incorporates localized information and languages to help citizens navigate factual information and decant them to the right resource.
  • Clinics remain open in Singapore, providing essential services to ensure accessible care to all
  • Educate clients and their employees in Singapore through webinars, talks and advisories (Aon, SMRT, UBS, Lumiled, etc)
  • In Philippines, selected Aventus clinics remain open with shortened clinic hours
  • Provide coverage for our clients in Philippines for COVID-19
  • Online crediting of medical reimbursement and online banking option for premium payments and payment to medical providers in Philippines
  • Call centres remain in operations in Singapore and Philippines
  • Free medical advice was provided on a helpline operated through WeChat where patients could engage with the doctor via one-on-one or group chat sessions to address their health concerns in China, where the clinics were closed in February
  • Provide consult to our channel partners, brokers and their employees in China on precautionary measures in workplaces
  • Launch of a 24/7 Advisory Line for our clients in Australia to provide their workers with COVID-19 advice
  • Our Jobfit occupational health team in Australia are assisting clients with their health and safety needs through on-site temperature checks, imminent workplace vaccinations and other COVID-19 related health services and advice
  • Provision of vaccines, equipment, ambulances, advisory and plan to our clients in Indonesia

What we are doing to keep employees safe

  • We ensure that PPE is available for all our frontline healthcare employees across the region
  • Regular communications on personal hygiene protocols and checking of temperature
  • Maintain hygiene standard in offices and clinics
  • Work from home arrangements in place for office personnel
  • Provision of food, lodging and transportation service to medical frontliners and skeleton force in the office during enhanced quarantine order in the Philippines
  • Care packages (Vitamin C, hand sanitiser, etc) were distributed to employees in our Singapore and Indonesia markets


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