Fullerton Health Leveraging Technology to Pave the Way Toward a Digital Future

Fullerton Health Leveraging Technology to Pave the Way Toward a Digital Future

As part of Fullerton Health’s drive toward a digital future, DigiMC, a secure digital medical certificate service, is now available to all our patients in Singapore. DigiMCs may be issued for digital and in-person consultations.

Fullerton Health doctors now have the ability to issue verifiable digital MCs directly to patients via electronic means. Decision-makers such as employers and institutions can independently verify the authenticity of DigiMCs submitted to them. DigiMC is a digital medical certificate system developed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech).  This technology is integrated within Fullerton Health’s clinic management system – Plato.

A simple yet elegant solution, DigiMC has proven to be user-friendly:  81% of over 9,000 patients surveyed rated DigiMC at least 5 out of 6 stars, having found retrieving and sharing MCs easy and convenient. As DigiMCs are hosted on government domain, employers are assured of the authenticity and security of the MC, lowering the risk of data breach. DigiMCs also serve as alternatives to paper MCs, providing greater convenience to patients and employers.

“DigiMC is a good technology solution. It is timely not only for doctors, but for employers as well who do not have to worry about reliability as they adopt digital practices, such as accepting digital MCs. Moreover, DigiMC’s automation reduces human errors.” said Remi Kanji, CEO and Co-founder of enterprise tech company, Plato.

Fullerton Health actively partners strong technology players to further digitize our health delivery ecosystem. In the last few years, Fullerton Health has been building upon our digital fundamentals to create greater convenience and provide more personalized experiences for our patients. For our doctors and network partners, we aim to reduce administrative burden and more importantly, allow our medical team to focus on serving patients to achieve better health outcomes. For our corporate clients, we offer better analytics and integrated service offerings, thus nurturing a healthier and more productive workforce.

We continue to look for ways to use commercial technology to aid the community wherever and whenever possible. Earlier this year, Fullerton Health launched a free-for-use COVID-19 symptom checker across our APAC markets. We also deployed telemedicine and other technologies to complement our primary care services such as screening and treatment of migrant workers in Singapore.

Fullerton Health stays true to its purpose of affordable and accessible care for all – leveraging technology to pave the way, bringing value to patients, payors and healthcare providers.