Fullerton Health & iamYiam Partner to Deliver Sustainable Health Solutions Across Asia Pacific

Fullerton Health & iamYiam Partner to Deliver Sustainable Health Solutions Across Asia Pacific

April 1, 2019 – Singapore & LONDON, UK: Fullerton Healthcare Corporation Limited (“Fullerton Health”) and iamYiam LIMITED (“iamYiam”) Today Announce A Strategic Partnership To Jointly Address Preventable Lifestyle Conditions & Improve Quality Of Life For People Across Asia Pacific.

An ageing population coupled with healthcare costs that exceed $8 trillion globally further compounds a complex healthcare system (ref: Deloitte 2017). More than 75 per cent of these costs are related to ageing and lifestyle conditions (ref: World Bank 2016 – data conversion). These are amongst the greatest issues our society faces today.

The strategic partnership aims to develop novel tools and strategies to achieve cost-effective, positive health outcomes for Fullerton Health’s client base across Asia.

Dr. Daniel Chan, Co-Founder and Group Deputy CEO of Fullerton Healthcare stated: “Ageing and lifestyle conditions are significant burdens on the healthcare system and society. In Asia Pacific, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in demand for quality healthcare services. Spending on healthcare has been escalating, making access to valued-based and sustainable healthcare more urgent than ever.”

“We believe when seeking solutions to meet the rapid pace of the industry, it is vital to view the system through a holistic lens that enhances support for patients at all stages, from investigation, intervention and treatment, to prevention and maintenance of health.

“This can be achieved by harnessing the power of technology and partnerships. By doing so we can drive better access and deliver meaningful and targeted health solutions that empower individuals to own and shape their health,” Dr. Chan continued.

Headquartered in London (UK), iamYiam is a global sustainable health platform that leads the way in preventive health innovation by leveraging scientific research and state of the art AI technologies to support individuals’ health goals in daily life.

“At the dawn of new technologies, we need to take a new look at what health means and how we can best deliver on the promise of sustainable health every day and lifelong – not only at the point of breakdown”, says Lorena Puica, Founder and CEO of iamYiam and President of iamYiam Foundation.

“Enjoying quality of life all the way from teenage years into old age is a complex goal and different from one individual to another. Identifying what makes us different in terms of our mindset, habits, environment and genetic structure – and – delivering a personalised solution for each one of us, is the future of sustainable and affordable health,” continued Ms Puica.

By bringing together two world-leading healthcare organisations in an innovative and future-facing collaboration, the partners will draw on their combined capabilities and take a fresh approach to create a human-centric, affordable and sustainable health solution that seeks to address this growing societal challenge.


Image L-R: His Excellency Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner; Dr Daniel Chan, Co-Founder & Deputy CEO, Fullerton Health; Dr Kanwaljit Soin, Orthopedic & Hand Surgeon; Lorena Puica, Founder CEO of iamYiam Group & President of iamYiam Foundation and; Noel Gordon, Chairman of NHS Digital

About Fullerton Health

Fullerton Health is a leading integrated health system in the Asia Pacific region. Founded in Singapore in 2011, today the Company serves clients through over 500 healthcare facilities and a large global network of healthcare providers across eight markets in Asia Pacific. Fullerton Health’s value proposition is the integration of healthcare service offerings with customized management and advisory capabilities, in line with its purpose to deliver affordable and accessible care for all in Asia Pacific. For more information on Fullerton Health, please visit https://www.fullertonhealth.com/.

About iamYiam

iamYiam is a world leading Science-backed prevention platform serving both individuals and corporates as well as governments and educational institutions. The company is on a mission to improve the quality of life of a billion people by 2025 – by generating AI-powered personal insights from genetics, lifestyle and environmental data and applying it to each individual’s life journey in order to reach sustainable health. Combining big health data, AI, genetics and academic research (covering >2.5 million clinical trial subjects), iamYiam delivers the world’s first personalised sustainable health platform. With a team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and clinicians, iamYiam and the iamYiam Foundation are focused on Science-backed preventive health and customised care that fast tracks one’s progress towards optimal health – from childhood to retirement.

iamYiam has been selected as a leader in health & technology and has received several acknowledgements, among these the Seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation awarded by the European Commission. iamYiam was also selected by the UK Department for International Trade to represent UK healthcare innovation globally.

For more information on iamYiam, please visit: www.people.iamyiam.com.

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