• 2020

    Response to COVID-19:
    Our multi-lateral approach across Asia Pacific [Link]
  • 2019

    Digital transformation with tech partners to drive towards a patient-centric healthcare model

  • 2018

    Entry into the Philippines through the acquisition of a 60% stake in the Intellicare Group, a leading managed care provider in the country

    Inaugural investment in China with the acquisition of a majority stake in Global Doctor
  • 2017

    Expansion of the Australian healthcare platform with the acquisition of Healthscope’s medical centres

    Ping An Capital, and its related parties, become second largest shareholder in Fullerton Health following significant investment
    US$175 million raised through a perpetual bond offering
  • 2016

    Fullerton Health's Ocean Financial Centre Clinic in Singapore is recognised with the Joint Commission International’s (JCI) Gold Seal of Approval for Ambulatory Care

    Expansion of capabilities in medical benefits management services through subsidiary Global Assistance & Healthcare's acquisition of Medilum (now known as Fullerton Health Indonesia), one of Indonesia’s largest network management and third-party administration (TPA) providers
    Introduction of 'Fullerton Health' as the Group's new name alongside a fresh logo to reflect a new chapter and encompass all of the company's services
  • 2015

    Expansion of market presence in Hong Kong with an investment in the HMMP group of companies

    Expansion into the advanced medical diagnostic imaging market in Singapore with an investment in RadLink

    Broadened capabilities in medical assistance and evacuation services through investment in Global Assistance & Healthcare in Indonesia

    Entry into Malaysia with the acquisition of Malaysian healthcare provider, COSSB
  • 2014

    Market entry into Indonesia with investment in Tirta Medical Group

    Expansion into primary healthcare market in Australia
    Investment into Drs. Horne & Chin in Singapore
  • 2013

    Official entry into Hong Kong with investments in two day-surgery medical centres and two healthcare facilities
    Market entry into Australia with investments in Jobfit Medical Services and Corporate Services Network
  • 2012

    Fullerton Healthcare Corporation Limited, our group holding company, is incorporated in the Cayman Islands
  • 2011

    Acquisition of established corporate healthcare providers Gethin-Jones, Drs. Trythall Hoy Davies (THD), and A.M. Pharmacy

  • Late 2010

    Fullerton Healthcare Group Pte. Limited is incorporated in Singapore