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My Healthy Plate

My Healthy Plate is an easy-to-understand visual guide, designed by the Health Promotion Board. Adopt healthier eating habits, better manage your weight and ward off chronic diseases.

Brought to you by IHP, supported by FHG.

my healthy plate

#wellnesswhispers - my healthy plate

Quarter, Quarter, Half is an easy way to remember the right proportions of each food group in a well-balanced meal. Here’s how:

  • Fill Quarter plate with wholegrains
  • Fill Quarter plate with good sources of protein
  • Fill Half plate with fruit and vegetables

If you are unable to find a meal that fits the Quarter, Quarter, Half proportions, you can make up the missing food groups in your next meal.


We’re thrilled to bring you our exclusive Wellness Discovery Kit, designed to elevate your mind, body, and soul!

  1. 🧘‍♀️ Mindful Meditation Essentials:
    • Set the ambiance with essential oils
    • Enhance your hygiene with scented hand sanitizers
  2. 💪 Fitness Goodies:
    • Boost your workouts with our towel pouch
    • Stay on track with an exclusive shoe bag
  3. 🛀 Self-Care Treats:
    • Detox your gut with Forrest Brew’s Kombucha
    • Wellness Merchandise Vouchers with our partnered food vendors
    • Healthy Snacks

If you’re selected as a winner, follow the instructions provided in the winner announcement on our Instagram Page @fhgcorpwellness to claim your prize and enjoy the rewards of your learning journey.

how to win?

STEP 1 - Visit the E-Learning Platform:

  • Navigate to our e-learning platform by clicking the links below to access the Wellness topic of the month

STEP 2 - Learn and apply

  • Watch the videos and read the information covering the three wellness topics.

STEP 3 - Complete the Surveys

  • Fill out the corresponding quiz for the Wellness Topic of the month for you to qualify for prizes” and “Wait for the draw”

STEP 4 - Submit your entries

  • Ensure that you submit your completed survey by the deadline to be eligible. All fields are compulsory. Late submissions will not be considered.

STEP 5 - Wait for the Draw

  • 20x Winners will be selected at random on the 29th of February 2024. Stay tuned for the announcement to see if you’re one of the lucky participants to win.


Complimentary Service Provided by HPB to WOW Companies

  • Helping food-stalls in company premises to offer healthier options
  • Potential expansion into Eat Drink Shop Healthy activation on-site
  • Food stalls will be supported by a nutritionist to identify healthier food items on their existing menu or to create a healthier option, and provide labelling on their signages
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