Why Fullerton Health
One Step Ahead

Fullerton Health is a leading provider of integrated enterprise healthcare solutions across Asia Pacific.

Our entry into the market in 2011 was spurred by our belief that the increasingly educated workforce in Singapore wanted better healthcare solutions, and that we could deliver these solutions better than anyone else. We worked hard to earn the trust of companies, and along the way developed a unique business model. Today, we provide healthcare solutions to more than 25,000 companies, including multi-national corporations and global and regional insurance companies.

Our first foray outside of Singapore in 2013 was sparked off by our clients who enjoyed working with us in Singapore, and wanted to continue the partnership outside of Singapore. We now operate in 5 markets in Asia Pacific, and expect to grow even more in the years ahead, riding on the growth opportunities in the region and the demand for healthcare solution providers.

Fullerton Health as Your Preferred Healthcare Provider

Today , the Fullerton Network consists of more than 190 fully owned clinics in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and more than 8,000 medical providers globally. We cover a wide range of services, including primary care, medical specialist care, medical benefits management services, advanced medical diagnostic imaging, chronic care, physiotherapy services, dental services, executive health screening, occupational health services, medical assistance and evacuation services and pharmaceutical services.

Our integrated healthcare model and our scale of operations across 5 markets mean we can offer cost-effective solutions to you:

Corporate Clients: We are able to offer customised solutions which address our corporate clients' specific requirements. Because of our integrated healthcare model and extensive scale, we can do this while still achieving reductions in the time and money our clients spend on administrative matters. All this means enhanced productivity, reduction of medical leave and ultimately healthcare and manpower cost savings.

Insurer Clients: We are able to draw on our extensive economies of scale and long-term contracts with our providers, to deliver significant cost savings. Our in-house medical team has extensive experience in evaluating the quality of care and adjudicating medical claims for the insurer.

Healthcare Service Providers: We service more than 25,000 companies, which means large patient volumes for our healthcare service providers. Our information technology system enables convenience in claims processing and payment. Our data analytics capabilities also provide clinical insights into care management and improving delivery services.

Patients: We are a healthcare provider, and ultimately, we exist because we want to deliver quality healthcare services to our patients. Our patients benefit from the wide array of medical services available via our Fullerton Network. We ensure that not only can our patients be assured that there is a reputable healthcare service provider they can consult, but also that they can do this in a convenient way, through multiple channels including our 24/7 call centre and mobile apps. What’s more, we go the extra mile to look after their total wellbeing, by providing a Fullerton Health Benefits Programme offering discounts to many retail and F&B outlets.

Making Advances in IT

Our proprietary technology system is the engine behind the expansion of the Fullerton Network. Not only does it expedite the seamless operational management of our service offerings, the IT system is scalable so it can address the different needs and demographics of our clients without compromising on security and confidentiality.

The healthcare information database is fully owned by us.

Moreover, the IT solutions feature advanced data analytics to analyse and identify utilisation patterns so we can continue to improve business performance, overall efficiency and better manage the well-being of our patients.

In Good Hands

Our senior management team consists of a mix of medical professionals who have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, from primary care to hospital management and leading professionals from other fields to provide holistic healthcare solutions that are relevant for all stakeholders.

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