Corporate Profile

Fullerton Health is a leading provider of corporate healthcare solutions across Asia Pacific. Founded in Singapore in 2011, today we own more than 227 medical centres across seven countries and have a network of more than 8,000 medical providers around the world. We harness these resources to provide you healthcare that is affordable, yet accessible.

More than 25,000 corporations, from multinational companies to small medium enterprises and government organisations, have chosen to use our services. Our integrated healthcare model and our scale mean we can offer one-stop, cost-effective solutions to our corporate and insurer clients, and better care to our patients.

What's more, we are strong believers in innovation, and in staying ahead of technological developments. This means we have our own advanced technology system that powers the Fullerton network, and enables this network to grow further. This gives us a continuing ability to improve business performance and efficiency, which in turn creates cost-savings for our customers.

With 50 years of experience listening and caring, and an experienced management team that brings the best from different industries, we are now better poised to transform healthcare in Asia, making it affordable and accessible to those we serve.

Regional Footprint

Additional access to healthcare services through 8,000+ third-party clinics
and other affiliated healthcare facilities

Note: 1. Consisting of medical, on-site, physiotherapy, dental and specialist clinics and diagnostic imaging centers


Singapore is the headquarters for Fullerton Health.

In Singapore, we are the leading player in the Enterprise Healthcare Management market. Today, Singapore offers the largest range of services in the group, from medical benefits management services, occupational health services, executive health screening primary care to medical specialty services.

We are also the largest private provider of outpatient advanced diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine in Singapore.


We provide medical benefits management services and primary care services to corporate customers across Kalimantan and in Jakarta. Indonesia is also the headquarters for our medical assistance and evacuation services.


We are among Australia’s leading occupational health services providers to the mining, resources and infrastructure industries located across Australia. We also provide medical benefits management services, primary care and allied health services to our clients in this region.

Hong Kong

We provide primary care services via a wide network and variety of clinics that are strategically located across the island.

We also provide medical benefits management services, as well as general surgery and dental services.

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